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September 20, 2011 by dannybishopcreative’ve been privileged to be allowed to work on Essendon’s website for the last 6 years or so. In 2008 I was given the task of redesigning the look of the entire website.

Redesigning an existing website is in many regards more difficult than creating one from scratch and requires more thought. Bringing pages created for old design over to a new design isn’t always simple.

The design could probably do with some tweaking today. There have been a few updates since this was first released, and I would love to rework the major news panel somewhat, even though it’s now in its third incarnation since the 2008 design was released.

The design still has elements that are very much cutting edge. It uses javascript methods to show & hide panels within the design, allowing key elements to remain easily accessible and always above the fold while at the same time saving space by collapsing them to a hidden state if not required.  It’s a method that works extremely well for desktop browsing, but would need to be revisited for touch devices if I were to redesign this again today.

The site also made use of extremely wide backgrounds at a time when they were uncommon. Now commonplace the web backgrounds extend out to ensure that even on 30″ displays the website theme is present and on message.

It has been both challenging and hugely rewarding working on the Essendon website during the period of their independence where pushing the boundaries was considered the starting point for any web development.


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