The iPhone app that is rarer than hens teeth!


October 5, 2011 by dannybishopcreative

iPhone AppIn 2010 I acted as project leader and creative director on an iPhone application developed for the Essendon Football Club. It was completed and ready to be released when the project came to a halt due to unforeseen circumstances.

The development team along with a few select staff and players at the club had the app installed on their iPhones. The certificate for those development releases has expired now, making the app unavailable to even those select few.

It was a shame it never got released. Maybe one day we’ll take another swing at it.


2 thoughts on “The iPhone app that is rarer than hens teeth!

  1. dpeaks says:

    Looks like a great app. Shame it never came to fruition. Damn those unforceen circumstances….(were they Bigpond related circumstances??) love to hear the real reasons why…
    I remember seeing it advertised as coming soon on the EFC website for ages and when I got my first iPhone late 2010 I excitedly searched for the EFC app to download. But alas it did not exist. Glad it still exists somewhere even if it is only on the developers devices…

    • Thanks, Dave.

      No, it wasn’t Bigpond. I’m not sure if I can say much more, but the AFL/Telstra web providers certainly didn’t put this on the backburner.

      It was unfortunate, but no blood was spilled. To make sure I don’t embarrass anyone unnecessarily I normally don’t answer questions about why the project stalled… and so from this point on in the blog I’ll pretend that discretion is the better part of valour and keep my lips sealed.

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