Google+ Profile Photo Montage

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November 16, 2011 by dannybishopcreative

Google have now opened up their social networking platform to brands. Currently, however, the offering is pretty sparse.

You can upload a few photos, post some links and updates…. and that’s about it.

While we all wait for Google to release a bunch of APIs and an application backend, the most interesting thing you can do to spice up a Google+ brand page is with a photo montage.

The top of all Google+ brand profile pages allows you to show 5 images.  With a bit of mucking around you can drop in 5 images that *almost* look like one big long banner.

Getting the dimensions just right isn’t too hard… but I’ve done the hard stuff for you.

Download the GooglePlusPhotoMontage.psd, open it up in Photoshop, drop in your image, save the slices and upload them. Bang – you’re done!

If you need a bit more help than that, follow the steps after the break:

  1. Download the GooglePlusPhotoMontage.psd
  2. Open the psd file in Photoshop.
  3. Drop your image into a new layer above the ‘combined image – replace’ layer.
  4. When your image is ready select File > Save For Web from the menu.
  5. Click Save on the next window, leaving the optimization presets as they are.
  6. In the next window choose a destination folder and make sure the Format/Settings/Slices drop down options selected with Images Only, Custom and All User Slices and click Save.
    Google Plus User Slices
  7. Photoshop will save 5 images inside a new folder named images (if one did not already exist) in whatever location you picked in the previous step.
  8. Visit and log-in if you aren’t already.
  9. Select to use Google+ as your brand under your photo near the top left using the disclosure triangle.
    Manager Google Plus Brand Page
  10. Select the Profile tab near the search box.
    Google Plus Profile
  11. Click on the big blue Edit Profile button near the right margin of the page. (If you don’t see this then you need to change to using Google+ as your brand profile… see step 9)
  12.  Click on the Add some photos here space.
    Google Plus - add photos
  13.  Click the Add Photo box
    Google Plus - add photo
  14.  Upload the first image from the /images/ folder that photoshop created in step 7
    Google plus images folder
  15. Repeat for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th images.
    Google plus image number two
  16.  Once the fifth image is uploaded you’re done! Just click on the Done Editing button in the red bar inside your profile to complete the process.
  17. You’ve now modified your Google+ brand profile about as much as you can right now!

Google Plus Photo Montage completedNote: Yes, my Moustache has its own Google+ brand page.  It’s raising money for Movember!

If you end up using the template then you could do the Movember campaign for mens health a favour by donating here.


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