SuperBowl Social Media winners and losers.

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February 14, 2012 by dannybishopcreative

I’ve written an article at IMG Sports Technology Group covering the winners and losers in social media from the recent SuperBowl.

The New York Giants took the lead in SuperBowl XLVI with less than a minute to play in America’s most popular sporting broadcast ever.

The offices of IMG across the globe were glued to the telecast, with many taking a special interest in the NY Giants fortunes as winning Quarterback, Eli Manning, and winning head coach, Tom Coughlin are both represented by IMG, the global leader in Sports, Media and Entertainment.

But it wasn’t just the massive TV viewership that broke records. In the final three minutes of the game Twitter reported an average of 10,000 tweets every second. That’s almost 2 million tweets in the time it takes to listen to The Rolling Stones rip through “Honkey Tonk Woman”.

When Ahmad Bradshaw sat down in the End Zone to give the NY Giants a lead they would not surrender Twitter went into overdrive. At 12,233 tweets per second it became the second highest spike in social sharing the micro-blogging site has ever seen.

Even Madonna’s half time show sent fingers and thumbs to screens, keypads and keyboards. Averaging 8,000 tweets per second across the 5 minute act Madonna slips into third place on the “most tweets ever” ladder.

Twitter has fast become the constant companion of socially connected technology users across the globe. Launched in 2006 the site now boasts more than 460 million registered accounts.

The growth in Social Media continues to amaze many in the industry. Just one year ago the SuperBowl peaked at just over 4,000 tweets per second. This year the number was more than triple that figure.

Read the full Superbowl Social Media winners and losers here.


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