Changing the game

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May 17, 2012 by dannybishopcreative

Almost everyone wishes they were a professional sports star.  It’s one of the reasons why sport is so popular – we all imagine ourselves kicking the winning goal, sinking the final basket or slamming a winner down the line at a grand slam.  Sadly most of us will never experience the thrill of competing at the highest level.

With this in mind we developed the Game Changer application for the ANZ Championship Netball league.  It allows everyone to see themselves as part of their favourite team by putting their face into a team photo.

The ANZ Championship is the most competitive netball league in the world, comprising teams from Australia and New Zealand. Hopefully thousands of girls across Australasia upload photos of themselves via the Facebook app we developed from idea to completion. And who knows, maybe in a few years on of them will be in a real team photo the Vixens, Swifts or Firebirds.

Changing the game

The game changer

You can make yourself a game changer at

We first pitched the concept of this app to the team at ANZ Championship at the end of January this year. Below are a couple of the concept sketches presented during development.

Early team position sketch

Early team position sketch showing the possible arrangement of players provided as a guide to both the ANZ Championship team and the photographer shooting the players.

UI development sketch

User Interface sketch that served as a guide during the later stages of development


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